Thai Airways say goodbye to theirs 744s, A380s and A333s

Thai to retire theirs 744s, A380s and A330s

Hello everyone!

Yes, three will bite the dust…

Thai Airways, an airline who operates the A333, 744s and A380 will retire all of them.

The B747-400


Pre-Covid’s time, they had a fleet of nine 744s (one of them was stored in March 2020), they were to be retired in 2024.
The final member (HS-TGF) was marked as “stored” in December of 2020.

The A380-800

Pre-Sars-COV-2’s time, they had a fleet of six of them, they are very young (between 7,6 and 8,4 years)

The A330-300


They had a fleet of fifteen A330-300 Pre-Covid’s time with an average years of 10,2 years.
Some of them are very young, HS-TBG is just 7,9 years old.
All of these 15 A333s have been parked up almost one year ago, three of them are in deep storage in Bordeaux (LFBD)

These three aircraft will not return to the sky.

An Thai A350-941

All of these three aircraft are replaced by the 787s, the 773ER and the A350s (and the existing 772ER which are listed for sale). These aircraft are more modern, fuel-efficient.


that sucks :/ i liked the 380 Thai


Dang it! Another 747 operator


You will be happy, because the Thai A380 is retired

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I don’t hate the a380
I mean it’s far from the best but it’s still a historic plane

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But yes, the 747 is more beautiful to my eyes than the A380


oUt Of CoNtExT! Lol
In terms of A380 vs 747 IT WINS ALWAYS lol
Also because I wanted the 747 back at LAX so I could fly it

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Another queen out of the skies 😔

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Triple kill!! Lol how many 747 operators are there now?

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I like how the fleet is being replaced by more efficient and quieter airplanes. While it is sad to see classics like the 747 leave, it is better for the future.

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Why a330? Can 772 replace that without wasting fuel? Thai doesn’t have narrowbodies iirc.


Oh dear… Surely going to miss them. All three of them were my favourites…


Iam a planespotter in Zurich LSZH and i catched two 747-400 Thai Airways and the Star Alliance livery also:

  • B744 Thai Star Alliance:

  • Second Thai picture:

I love the queen of the sky😍

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Well we lost another one…p l s v o t e f o r THAI 77W

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Aww man. The old makes way for the new. I love the way you put together the article though. Sweet and sour feelings.

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