Thai Airways Flight Screenshots

I was doing a Flight in the A380-800, from VTBS-KJFK, felt like sharing, flight time was about 18:13 minutes. Altitude FL300 and speed was Mach 0.85

Departure: VTBS (Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand)
Arrival: KJFK (John F. Kennedy Airport, United States)
Flight time: 18:13
Taxiing onto the Runway

Rotating and takeoff

Beautiful Sunset!

Approaching with a high final runway 22R
And… Touchdown!
Taxiing to the Parking position!

This flight was a lot of fun, and it was really worth it, if you want the flight plan and more info just reply!
Thanks for watching!


Hey! Great photos man. However, for the #screenshots-and-videos category, there should be no HUD, Sidebar, Display names and boxes shown.

Please Read Here

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How would I do that? I mean I’m not really showing anything and I don’t know how to do that

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So, what you are going to want to do is, go into the settings on IF

Go down to live
Click Hide Airplane Names
Click Hide Airplane Dots
You wanna make sure there is a check mark for both Hide Airplane Names and Dots

Then go to General
Click Airport Names
You wanna make sure there is no check mark for the Airport names

Now for the Photos
Go into the Replays on the home screen
Go to desired flight

Once to the specific flight
Click on the camera symbol
(This will take an in game screenshot with all around better resolution, and the photo will then be sent to the Photos app on your device)

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