Thai Airways DC-10

Expanding our fleet, with the DC10, for new discoveries would be amazing. Flying different aircraft on Infinite Flight isn’t just an experience. It is virtual reality more towards a simulator that people would thing. The good old Thai Livery would look good and be welcomed in open arms once the update comes out :)

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Well it’s a double for a reason, the 2 aircraft are coming in the same package update. Do I still make separate topics because to me it makes it annoying for others. I understand though.

Doesn’t matter if they come at the same time.

What would if they come at different times like the A320 family?

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Well, this is a sort of duplicate

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Dush… Can these Regulars stop editing my post please?

OK will ask them not to, they just edited the title :) to fix typos

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OCD dush. Lol

It’ll show up in search quicker = less duplicates in the future



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Well, not being rude, but we’re doing this since we want the forums to be a nice place for everyone :) take this as an advice for future topics.


Well it offends me to have to change my topic names, they just change it without telling. I’d rather they tell and we agree than they just do whatever the hell they want with the title.