Thai Airways Boeing 787-9

Thai Airways 787-9

I have double checked for a duplicate :)

Hello Everyone! Once again i have found another wonderful livery! This time a Thai Airways 787-9.
I prefer the Thai Airways livery on the 787-9 way more than the -8 we currently have in IF! Let me know what you think in the poll below and in the comments. I think the -9 allows the beautiful livery to be spread out a bit more than being squashed up like on the -8 :)

  • This livery looks amazing on the 787-9
  • I don’t like this livery on the 787-9

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-Cheers Pancake :)

It’s ok I guess. I personally prefer it when it’s on the 744 :)

Eh, who cares I’ll vote!


Beautiful livery, Thai has just the most spectacular livery out of any airline. It simply works👌


Is it just me or does the view of the cockpit in this angle make it look like a 757 cockpit? But that’s not the point, love Thai Airlines, been on it once.

Please don’t include polls in feature requests - that’s the propose of the voting system

I like the livery ❤


I always loved the Thai livery. Sadly I’m out of votes… I’ll be sure to vote if I become regular

Sorry I didn’t know. I’ve seen others do it and thought it was ok :)

Guess poles in #features is making a comeback

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The Thai livery looks good on any plane tbh