Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER


Since we have almost all of the Thai Airways liveries in IF I thought that it would be nice if the Boeing 777-300ER new livery will be added since it is the main Aircraft in the Thai Airways fleet.

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Please tell me if you think it is needed and if you like it please vote

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Why is there a A350 link for a 777?

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I have voted, just searched something to remove

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Sorry… I fixed that

I removed the “New Livery” part from the title since the old livery was scrapped decades ago and this livery has been along for a long time and has been the standard ever since the mid 2000s :)

By simply having Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER in the tile we all will know that this is the Thai airways the majority of is know and not the old one that said good by a good 20 years ago or so.

Other than that I would love to see this livery on the 300ER in IF, since I have seen so many time in Stockholm Arlanda and having it in IF would allow for some new routes to be unlocked, realistically speaking ✈️


I love this livery and actually parked next to it in CPH when I arrived! I am out of votes but do support this livery. If I can, I’ll try and find a vote for this ;)

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Yes, but there is an old livery request

Then people will know that one is the old and this one is the current one used by Thai today. This livery isn’t that new either since it has been more than 15 years ago since it was introduced.

Okay… I guess you are right…

I will definitely vote for this AMAZING plane! The 77W is the most of any plane that Thai Airways has! It also has an amazing range!

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I would totally vote for this but I do not have any more votes sadly

Guess im bumping this up again since the 777 it’s getting a rework this is unique for me since this fly daily between my local airport Oslo to Bangkok !

A beautiful livery that deserves to be in B77W fleet, you have my vote

This definetly needs a bump as this is an AMAZING livery!

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With the 777 being chosen, this would be a great opportunity to (almost) complete the set of Thai liveries :)

You’ve got my vote😁

We need this 😱

I’m amazed no one is talking about this livery when 777 is getting a rework

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Come on we can’t let it stay like this, beautiful livery need some votes