Thai Airways Boeing 747-200

Since I’m going back to Bangkok again this year, I’ll request my second nationality liveries. I find the airline of smiles to always have great choices in colours and patterns. I believe it’s time to bring back a golden oldie.
Picture by Rick Morgan.
A Thai 747 in unfamiliar conditions- this is HS-TGS (747-200 22472) at SEA on 7 It was delivered to Thai in 1984 and served through 2000 before being leased.

EDIT: Thanks to the regular who moved the topic for me, I didn’t realise.

I love this livery, and I wish Thai still had it on a 747-400 as a retro livery. Btw you might want to vote for your requests :)


If I had more votes I would vote for this of course after I got all of the other more important ones 🤔

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It’s a great looking livery! But please remember to vote for it yourself if you really want it.


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