Thai Airways B777-300 - Royal Barge Livery

Smooth As Silk - Lahan Sai - HS-TKF

A warm welcome to Thai Airways new paintet Royal Barge B777-300. This would be a good way to reprecent Thailand with the new B777 Update coming soon.

Credit for Picture

That thing would look cool and an awesome way to represent Thailand after the 777 rework! Although you could include the meaning of the livery and what could the “Royal Barge” represent? Is this livery still an existing one?

I have written some info. Thai Airways revealed this livery today.

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As the founder of Thai Virtual, this would be awesome. Thai Airways is a great airline. The VA is crazy right now! 😜

The B777 Family really needs a rework who agrees with me?

@Alexander_kungu The B777 Family is getting a Rework 😛

@ThaiGroupVirtual I am also freaking out, this Livery is so beautiful 😄

A little bump. This is one of my favorite liveries really!