Thai Airways B777-300 (old livery)

How about adding the old livery of Thai for an eventual B777-300?


would be nice

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I never thought about this. It looks awesome!


I hope so… ☹


Its classy. I like classics.

It’s beautiful Though I prefer the new one ;)
But It would be a nice addition!

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Indeed… The logo macam exposed sia LOL

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Really sorry, but I like their new livery!

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@NZ_Aviation12 stop spamming that picture, you already made a post about that aircraft, please remove it from this topic.

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I like it too, but their former livery is good too.

Wow, it’s nothing compared to the new livery.

Nice photo…
Too bad it’s the SECOND PHOTO

Its off topic.

Thank you.

The old livery is nice!

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I really love it! This is outstanding! Come on IF gods please add this amazing aircraft.

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That livery makes the 777-300 look longer than what it is.
This is quite a nice livery :)


That’s why I saw it different when compared to the others :/

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That looks old as!

Maybe because of the small “Thai” word

Though I (way) prefer the new one, but I would like to see this retro livery still. It isn’t as bad as you think if you see it more than once

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