Thai Airways Airbus A330-300

It would be a great addition to Infinite Flight
Picture isn’t mine. Credits to Ben Cambridge Photography
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  • Nah, I don’t like it

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A lot of liveries look great on the a330, and this Thai airways is definitely no exception!
Absolutely beautiful.


Awesome livery !
Will love to see this alongside a reworked A330 in IF.


I’ve never been a fan of the Thai Airways liveries, on any plane.

I don’t understand why do you use a poll on the request. You have the likes, that show how many people want the livery, and the comments.


I just want to see how many (in percentage) Peoples in this Community Who agree with this. Though, maybe next time I should remove it

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Love It beautiful livery

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Yup, It’s beautiful indeed!
Especially, Thai is one of the A330 primary users
Hope to see this on Reworked A330

I like that plane with the RR engines, hope to see it in the future.

Yup, those RR engines made the plane looks beautiful!

I’ve actually never seen a THA A333 (still quite glad I got to see an A346 for myself though! HS-TNA <3)

IIRC BKK-SIN is quite a busy route for THA so maybe you won’t see it.

It’s a different story on CGK-BKK where this A333 operate one of the routes to BKK

Good to see more Perth pictures, the Thai 787-8 looks even better


I love this livery! It’ll be great to have more Thai liveries in IF.


Hope they fix up the A330 and maybe even add the a330-200

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and mabye add this owen

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Yes, gear tilt would definitely work well with an updated a330

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1 pic per request please :)


i love thai to

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we all do, especially the Thai 787 and A330