Thai Airways Airbus A320-200

Would love to see this livery on Infinite Flight!
Picture isn’t mine, Credits to Dennis HKG
Share your thoughts and opinions about the livery here!

  • Yes, I would like to see this on Infinite Flight
  • Nah, I don’t like it

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Looks good on anything except this… 😂


Don’t worry, it will be transferred to Thai Smile with Business class :p

So you won’t see THA A320 anymore :p

I think you mean “to”? Lol

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Oh yes, Error detected

I think it looks awesome on this!

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Awesome Livery!

I like it on the A320.

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Indeed! It’s really nice!

Never knew they had narrowbodies. I thought they had Thaismile for that.

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The picture is the last Thai’s A320 to operate under Thai Airways livery, HS TXC (before transferred to Thai Smile). Now all A320 are transfered to Thai Smile. ;)

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it’s awesome indeed!

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I know right! It’s sad to see this go ;-;

At least we can see it now on Thai Smile livery

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Already added! ;)

We need it soon :-) Thai Smile is a great Airline to fly and offers many options for flying Thai Va in SEA…