Thai Airways A350-900

Hi everyone!

With all the excitement about the A350 coming out and about the AWESOME Infinite Flight Development Timeline, I think it is safe to say that we all are hoping for certain liveries to be added.

Personally, the livery I want the most is the Thai Airways A350-900. Thai Airways operates 12 A350-900s, the second most out of any of Thai Airways fleet. The A350-900 is a large part of Thai Airways’ fleet accounting for a massive 15%!

Another reason, it’s just a beautiful livery. It lets you feel like you are in Thailand, no matter where in the world you are.

Specifications For Thai's A359s
  • 12 aircrafts in service

  • 321 total seats

  • 32 seats in Royal Silk (Thai Airways business class product)

  • 289 seats in Economy Class

This livery would look really nice on the upcoming A350! Can’t wait.

Just a friendly reminder that only one picture is allowed per the category rules for feature requests.


Oh! Sorry, I forgot. I will fix it immediately. Thanks for letting me know!


Unfortunately, this is a duplicate. The good thing is, though, is that this is more detailed than the other one. You can message a mod about closing the other:

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I would rather keep this tbh. The other one is without any info/votes…


Agreed. This one has more detailed information and the other one should be closed.

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I know you want to vote.

Absolutely! Couldnt agree more


Vote! Vote! Vote!

Bump! Just wanted everyone to see this BEAUTIFUL aircraft that we could get in Infinite Flight!

I went and voted. :)

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Thank you! I feel like this is a great livery and I’m glad you do too


Bumping again.

I think with all the news about the A350, we should really continue to let people know about the best one there is. The Thai Airways A350-900!

I think we need to see this one again…

Totally need this - the Thai fleet is so close to being complete!


Vote, Vote, Vote.

Yes! This would be beautiful!

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Yep, This plane looks amazing in the Thai livery!

I have no votes though, sigh

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Nice livery, hope it comes with A350 update

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