Thai Airways A330-300

Us at Thai Airways VA want to expand our fleet and it would be great if we could be able to used aircraft that have been used before, therefore are we able to get the A333?

Which variant?



There is only currently one a330 in the game. Thai Airways used the A333

As it was specified up their in the first place.

Is this the aircraft you are referring to @Emirates_Life?


I thought that read a320. Oh well.

Why do people keep editing my post when I have it how I want it? This is getting annoying. I’m not liking this. I know you’re trying to make this specific but it’s annoying. Stop.

Fear not , Thai A320 has been already requested ;)

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@Flying-Switzerland stop

I’ll not answer you (again) @dush19

To be fair @Flying-Switzerland was only trying to make the thread title more descriptive ! :)

No harm in that …


It’s not ‘descriptive’’ It’s ******* me off! That’s what it is…

They are too busy editing my posts while I try to do things my way. I put previously owned for a reason.

No need to use **** it is just implying you’re swearing , the goal of a feature request is to contain as much information as possible to help FDS know exactly what you are requesting. You could of been requesting the -200/-300 variant and thus that would of been a issue for FDS as they need to know what version you are requesting. It turns out you were actually requesting the A320 …

No one is out to get you , they are just trying to help in their own way , don’t take such personal offence to it :)

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No I was requesting the 330. I also put a333 for specification if people actually read these days properly. I know FDS do, no offence to you people.

Reas the title

He edited it… 😒

Just know the A333 is the A330-300. That’s why they’ve changed it.

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I put A333 at the start. Also I put a333 in the text.