Thai Airways A320

For the past few years Thai Airways has kept their narrow body fleet run under their regional airline, Thai Smile. This airline covered domestic flights within Thailand as well as regional flights to countries in South East Asia such as Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. However recently Thai have decided they they will collapse Thai Smile into the Thai Airways brand once again and will fly them with the fleet under the Thai Airways livery once more!

Photo Credits go to Thai Airways

Currently Thai Smile has a fleet of 12 A320’s which are to be trasnferred over to Thai Airways by the end of the year (2023) and for now are flying int he old Thai Smile livery, minus the Thai Smile Branding on the side. I am not sure if there is plans in the future to convert them to the Thai Airways main livery or keep them in this, only time will tell.

I would personally love this livery as it would open up a lot of domestic and regional flights around Thailand!

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My picture of Thai Smile A320


Yeah, I actually love the livery. Surprised they have so far kepy the livery and just changed the branding. Thought they would have changed the entire livery instead.

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Photo Credits go to Suparat Chairatprasert


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This livery would open so many regional routes from Bangkok and other Thai airports, lets get this some votes!

astonishing livery

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Completely agree, it really needs to be in the sim!

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Yea Thai a320 needed for regional flights from Bangkok! Please vote!

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Absolutely agree, it is so needed!

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