Thai Airways 777-300ER

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This truly is the gem of The Thai Airways Fleet and I really do believe that this aircraft would not only be popular in Infinite Flight, but would further boost the realism that we all love in Infinite Flight and also would open up the popularity of South East Asian Long haul routes out of Thailand 🇹🇭 Would be an amazing aircraft for this sim and really think we would all enjoy having it in the game! let me know what you think below!


I think you might want to move this post over to #features

But other than that I love the Livery and would for sure vote for it if it was in #features

Have a great day!

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thank you boss and yes 100% should be added!

You are incorrect. There is already another #features request for this livery.

The user is also still TL0 so he cannot post in #features!

just thought i would update the feed my friend!

IF you just go ahead and reply to the original thread itll go to the top of the category

See highlighted response above and support your request in the #features category! 🙌