Thai 787 Livery issues

Not sure what category to post this in… and Laura has asked me to put it on the forum

On the new Thai 787, the white section between the Purple from the tail, and the next colour (yellow) is far too large. The purple from the tail should extend forward on the fuselage, just passing the two aerials on the top, and it should go under the stabiliser more than it does. The yellow should pass just under the top right corner of the door. Also missing the aircraft name underneath the flight deck. The pictures will explain

What it is on the actual 787

IF rendering

IF rendering - Close up


I think it’s a new livery for Thai Airways, I don’t know


No it is not, the livery is the same on the brand new A350…

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Ok, I’m a big fan of Thai but I can’t say all is correct so apple have done something bad again 😂

Thus time it’s FDS’ fault

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The curving isn’t right either.
It looks like it was rushed and is lacking accuracy.


I was not criticising FDS with this post… its still a god job!

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I want to pointing out the aircraft name part ;)
HS-TQB is named as “Chaturaphak Phiman” and listed in front of the aircraft. First side With English and the another side With Thai Words

Hope this word Can be added soon. But I’m satisfied to see the new TG on B788. Thanks Dev

Pictures aren’t mine


Yeah this need to be fixed, should we let the devs know?

Really unsure why you said Apple made the mistake, they do not create the liveries for Infinite Flight. The developers at Infinite Flight create the liveries…

That is kind of the point about this topic… Also… [quote=“planemadblog, post:1, topic:72283”]
Laura has asked me to put it on the forum

So you have contacted Laura about the issues?

Yeah, there is a great difference.

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No, I have just said that Laura asked me to post it here for the fun of it… - course I have. I would not have said that otherwise.

Laura probably told you to put this on the forum because this is not something you generally contact a dev about. This takes time away from much more important things she and the other devs are working on for us.
When you post it here, it will get to the right person straight away.


which is fair. I had been speaking to her about something else at the time, so thought I would add it in while we were speaking

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I understand and would have done the same. :)
I only wouldn’t have mentioned that she asked to put it here though. Chances are it will generate a stream of questions sent to her directly, which isn’t ideal when you’re really busy.

It was just a joke relax man 😂😂

I mean they fixed up the BA 787 so why not this

InB4 everyone slams the bug reporter for delaying global. XD

Looks like there is a small issue with the livery, should be a relatively easy fix. Proportions are very difficult to get right, so I don’t blame them for getting it wrong the first time.