Thabet_M_Tamim - [Closed] ATC TWR/GRD (AP in comment) TS1

Hello people of the IFC!
I’m considering joining IFATC but before anything I’m trying to improving my tower and ground work. Please come do some patterns at (read latest comment).


I will be there in 2 min. Nasa 1

Great, thank you @Thomas_G

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I’m terribly sorry, I’m having some difficultys. No planes are showing up on my atc screen.

@Thabet_M_Tamim Can you please open somewhere else. NZAP has too small taxiways and runways also.

Let’s try LHBP maybe I’ll work there 😃

Yeah thats better. You can also try EGCC in the future. Nice airport!!

Do you accept feedback @Thabet_M_Tamim
If yes here or PM??

Alright @Thomas_G we’ll do that next time.
Feel free to leave feedback here.

ok and before that you might wanna change the tittle of you thread from NZPA to LHBP👍

If you want to controll in busy airspaces you might wanna pay attention to some things such as:
▪ After my first touch and go, I was on left DW. Then when I reported position you only cleared my for number 2 . You didnt sequence me behind your friend.
▪After the second t&g I asked runway change to 23R. Your responce was: Enter right DW 23R when I was on left. Then you told me correction stand by and gave me a pattern entry for 23L. Then I asked again for runway change and you told me unable. Why unable???
▪Carefull with transitions. LHBP airspace extends from surface to 2900ft. so the xorrect transition would be : at or above 2500ft.

Keep in mind that you should always sequence(if its possible ). Not bad at all. Just work on those things.
King regards,

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My feedback:
Please do not use both sides of the runway(s). Use either 31L and 31R instead of 13L and 13R. That just creates more headaches for everyone.


Much appreciated! And thank you for coming. I didn’t feel a rw change was necessary as rws 13r/l were active runways when we started. I didn’t understand why you requested a rw change.

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Thank you as well for coming. It was just a misunderstanding in the pattern work.

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I saw Quality 747 land in-front of me, a mis-use of runways can be bad :) Use just one side when future ATCing.


What do you mean @Thabet_M_Tamim?? :
I requested RNW change from 31L to 31R and not from 31 L to 12L. I can always request a rnw change from L ro R. Unable should only be used, if there is much traffic to R, if you want to expedite the departures from R, etx…


Opening HECA in a minute for some practice

opening HECA TWR / GND in 3 min

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Opening LGIR in a minute (closed)

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