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Hey guys, this is my channel. If you could subscribe it would be much appreciated. Thanks! PFL!


Thanks who already subscribed! I hope to get to around 50!

My Bulba mustache salutes your channel while my big channel Bulba Pilot has 25, Wonder Bros my main channel has 9, and BlackYoshiGames which has five.


Thank you, I can obviously tell you mustache is well trimmed! 😜

Thanks for noticing.

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Hey everyone! Thanks for the support! Hopefully, I will receive more subs, but for now I am thrilled! Thanks :)

Very nice channel you’ve got. I subscribed. I haven’t done any other games for a long time now. I used to do mine craft and Fifa 16 mobile (and 15).
I have a video with 499 views but I’m not telling you the channel.

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Time lapse I created at KPDX today :D

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