Tg475 bkk-syd

G’day all!

Just continuing from yesterday’s TG476 post, these are the screenshots from TG475 BKK-SYD. Not much to see until final approach/landing, but check out the amazing sunrise pics!

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Airline/Livery: Thai Airways
Flight Number: TG475
Scheduled Departure/Arrival: 19:20/07:20
Actual Departure/Arrival: 19:20/06:45
Scheduled Flight Time: 9h 0m

Boarding the aircraft

You can just make out VTBS in the distance with the brightness turned up


Final approach


Good morning!

Taxiing to the gate

Ramp view at the gate

Terminal view at the gate

Which is your favourite screenshot?
  • Boarding
  • VTBS from a distance
  • Descent
  • Final approach
  • Landing with Tower view
  • Good morning
  • Taxiing to the gate
  • Ramp view
  • Terminal view

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