TFS group flights!

TFS (The Flying Squad) is a new group in The Infinite Flight community.
We are a group of pilots who fly together! We try to be as realistic as possible, and of course follow every instruction ;)

If you want to join we have a few requirements for you to join:

  • Atleast 14 years of age.
  • Grade 3 or above in Infinite Flight Live
  • Have an active live subscription
  • Have a Facebook account

Here in the comment section our pilots will share some of their Pictures from their TFS flights together.



So is this a VA? Or is it just people that like to fly together?

Shamrock 1301!!! thats me!!!


Just people who enjoy flying together :)


Awesome man! Please take it out of VA though. This topic should be categorized in the “live” section. Since you guys fly together in live.


It Wasnt me Who put it in VA

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Changed it.

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Awesome. Thanks man

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No big deal. Just didn’t want people to read and be mislead that it was a VA. Cool thing you guys have going👌🏽

Tell me more!
I might be interested!

Jan, Contact me DM ;)

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Thanks! Appreciate it!

I joined this group around 4 days ago and it’s amazing !

^^ After an Awesome flight with @GuitartIvo

^^ After an Awesome flight with @Southwest_CLE_Ramper


agreed! amazing flight!!! great flying with u @CaptainDawud


I would love to join

Does anyone know the Facebook ?

Amazing VA, if you ever need assistance contact me

Dev at IFES

I would love to join but I don’t have a Facebook account :(

I still don’t know the Facebook