TFR's on RW approaches

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A quick, and hopefully easy, question.

ATC guide you in to an approach and landing at a RW but there’s a red circled flight restriction from sfc to 10 000ft prohibiting 🚫 your aircraft size running right across the approach?

What’s the deal with these TFR’s, can one fly through it as instructed by ATC and not collect a violation? Are violations issued automatically if you enter such a TFR and remain there beyond a certain time?

I aborted and initiated a go around because I wasn’t sure and ATC had me going straight into the TFR on short final.

Any help appreciated.


Violations are not incurred automatically unless you actually land at the airport if there’s no spots large enough to handle your plane. The ATC should not have vectored you to the final approach path if your aircraft was too large.
Did this happen on the Expert Server? If so, please message me the name of your ATC.

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Hello! Was this in expert server?

Yes, on the expert server.

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Ok. Kindly private message me who the controller was and I’ll let them know. :)

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I’ll have to check the flight log and replays for the info.

So, if I fly through the TFR I won’t get a violation only if I were to land at the airport with the TFR.

If I fly through en route to landing at an airport not restricted that’s kinda OK, but not supposed to happen.

EGLL is a good example, there’s two restricted zones just prior to 27L and R.

I’ll find the log and send you the details for feedback to the controller if necessary 👍

Thank you

That’s a different story, you’re fine then and what the controller did was ok. If they vectored you through the EGLC TFR to land at EGLL, that’s totally fine.

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An aircraft size TFR is usually for the particular airport that it surrounds. Not the neighbouring ones. They’re usually meant to prevent larger aircraft from approaching and landing at them or spawning in there.

For example, EGLC has a TFR around it because it can’t accommodate larger aircraft. But it’s totally fine to fly through the TFR if you don’t intend to land at EGLC.

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Yes great 👍 it was precisely that kind of thing but at another airport that had a temp flight restriction similarly placed.

So controller was correct and I can fly THROUGH that area en route if they have given me vectors that take me that way AND I won’t get a violation.

Now I know, cheers 😁👍

No need to look at the log, I just fly through in future. But ONLY if ATC directed, otherwise the restriction applies and I shouldn’t really enter.


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