TFR's and When Do They Leave Effect

I took off last night on a long haul KSFO-EGLL in a 787-9 on the expert server. It appears though, that the TFR from the ATC yesterday is still active?

You should read the NOTAM’s before flying

If you’re talking about the EGLC TFR, that’s permanent and won’t be removed anytime soon. It’s kind of like the EGKK one, except it restricts aircraft size and not runway usage.


well as long as it only restricts size not runaway, I guess me and the 50 or so people headed to EGLL will be safe

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I’m sure you’ll be fine. Unless your destination is EGLC, you have no reason to worry. :)


You can get information about the TFR’s, including the period of their activity, by clicking anywhere within the red circle. For example, at EGLC:

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thx, knowing that makes me feel better

It is also great having these TFRs as it makes it more realistic

Because you’re into EGLL and it wasn’t featured, zero worries.

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MaxSez: What? 318 & smaller accept; “Excludes All Boeing & Buses!”. Clarity is the key to professional communications. MaxSends

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Hey there @Maxmustang,

I agree with you on the clarity being a key component. Yesterday I intended to fly from Jersey to London City in a crj700, however I was denied request to land for my aircraft being too big. I was confused as I thought a crj700 was smaller than an A318, and ended up diverting to Gatwick. I decided to message @TaipeiGuru who was handling approach during that time, and he was very helpful and sent a screenshot of a NOTAM Misha sent to other controllers.

As you can see, the NOTAM you posted does not display the same information that expert server controllers had. I’m sure I was not the only one who was initially surprised/confused why I was being denied entry.

Not sure whether the NOTAM was not updated, or…

Anyways, that’s just my experience, and hopefully others will see this screenshot of Misha’s message to the controllers. Might clear up some confusion.



Last time I checked, a CRJ is smaller than an A318…

Well if you search CRJ-1000 I will be not sure

After Moosehead contacted me, I did some quick Googling to test a theory. Turns out, from what I found in 10 minutes, there are no CRJs that fly to LCY.

Obviously, please do correct me if I’m wrong, but this could just be the “realistic” part of the NOTAM (although a more definitive clarification in the description might have been better).

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I mean you’re not wrong, a crj700 for example is smaller than an a318, however like TaipeiGuru mentioned: irl no airline operates a flight to LCY with a crj700 aircraft.

I guess my issue was that what the NOTAM says in the app to pilots, compared to the NOTAM that ATC had does not relay the same information. The NOTAM pilots can see (such as the one in Max’s post above) is rather vague and worded quite poorly.


MaxSez: Just because no registered airline flys to a destination is of no consequence. Consider; airline test flights, Charters, VIP ect.
Logic my friends is the key, “There is no such thing as Truth”. Remember powered flight was deemed impossible by your forbearers!
Pls engage your “reasoning” node before Bloviating. Lol.
G’day All, MaxSends


Hi all!

As a local to EGLC, you are correct, CRJ’s arent operated into London City, however the main reason this aircraft was put in game was not only becuase it was a previous aircraft in the BA fleet, but a replacement of the Dornier 328, which is operated to and from smaller destinations. They operate both prop and jet versions here in the past, and still operate the jet to this day, not sure about the prop I havent seen one there yet.

The airline is Sun Air, which uses British Airways’ trademark.

Jet and Prop varients at EGLC

Noel Philips recently made a video from Manchester to somewhere where they convert them from private to commercial. I’d suggest watching it!

@TaipeiGuru this is the correction

I mean you’re closer to EGKK but close enough I guess.