TFR warning spam

Today I was flying through KEGE’s active TFR cruising at 10000ft. As i entered the TFR I was soon constantly spamed with the Active TFR message.

As seen in the video below I was cruising at 10000ft and then spamed with the message

Device: s10
OS: Android 10


When you cruise exactly at 10000ft, your altitude actually changes very insignificantly between 9999-10001 in altitude. This change upwards and downwards may prompt the TFR warning message to be sent because you were technically constantly descending below 10000 but then climbing up again, hence why it was “spammed”. If you cruised lower at say 9000, I doubt you would have this issue.


If you watch the video the alt was constantly at 10000ft and didn’t move when the warnings were occurring

The changes are too small to actually see on the altitude indicator, but if there was a digital altitude indicator, down to the decimal, your altitude is never perfectly at 10000. It constantly changes. I am assuming that IF triggers the TFR warning message based on your altitude to the point, so the ever so slight change between 9999.9 and 10000.1 would be enough for the system to see that you’ve descended past 10000 and hence would trigger the message. I hope this helps.

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Just went through testing it again and seems that your theory is correct

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