TFR Violation


Today on expert server, I had spawned in at KEGE. Only to find this nuisance. This player was within the TFR at KEGN stating “No aircraft larger than a 757 or A321 permitted due to airport size, yet a 747 was here! It is an active TFR according to IF, and this guy was in violation of that. He was doing stunts too, also illegal on expert! I doubt something will be done at all, and I have no video evidence, only photos. But we cannot have these types of players on expert. Imagine if they flew into an active airport!

Thanks for your time.


As said, sadlynothing will be done. It’s not unless they have an inappropriate callsign or spoiling a community event with purpose will they be kicked by staff. This TFR is active becuase, I don’t know really, but isn’t actually used generally.

Even when I had a troller on me for 15 minutes doing stunts near IFATC airports, the staff wouldn’t remove him…


TFR’s in the app can’t ghost you. If you are in violation of the TFR you are subjected to be ghosted by staff or IFATC present. :)


Ok. A mod can close this now, thanks.