TFR request at Dublin

Hello there Infinite flight team. I’m posting here because I think it’s the most appropriate category.

I saw that in the last month there are new TFR in our server, for example:

  • KLGA - Aircraft Restriction
  • LTBJ - Runway Closure

I’m requesting a Runway closure TFR at Dublin airport of the runway 16/34. As you can see in the Google Maps 2021 updated images, EIDW is getting an update and a new runway is being built at the north of the airport, parallel to 10R/28L. More over the diagonal runway has taxi lines and Xs, which means it’s closed and used as a taxiway.

I request this TFR untill Dublin International is finished in real life and updated on IF, just to have more realism and make sure that people does not use that runway. I know that’s something you can do in less than 5 minutes, for that I’m not posting in Feature requests :)


Currently in game, Dublin has no construction of the new runway (due to editing rules and such it will not be added until significantly complete or at a clear stage to safely remove the other runway in place for the new taxiways and runways). This doesn’t give a reason to add a TFR to an airport which although in real life is in construction, makes no impact to the game and is only at player discretion.

Places like EGKK and LTBJ have both runways certified for use, whilst only operate one due to various rules with safety.

Dublin’s runways 16/34 operates on a taxiway & runway basis from my knowledge. When the satellite imagery for the complete runway is out this runway will be added and 16/34 would be removed dependent on it’s official runway status.


Runway 34/16 is not closed in Dublin. The scenery on Google needs updating as the runway was undergoing works recently, if 34/16 was closed to traffic it would state that in the notams but it’s not. 34/16 is still very much used in Dublin. Eg. A Ryanair recently landed and declared an emergency so it had to stop on the runway (28L/10R) all other traffic had to be directed to 16/34. It’s also used when crosswind limits are exceeded for 28L/10R or if 28L/10R has to be taken out of service 👍

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Yeah, runway technically isn’t closed. But then, that makes me wonder why we have a TFR at Gatwick. Because as far as I am aware, the same is true there. LGW uses 08L/26R when 08R/26L is closed for what ever reason I think. Might be wrong about LGW though. Not sure.

I think a TFR saying something like “Runway 16/34 only to be used when winds are extreme” would be nice. But personally I don’t think it’s the biggest deal

Gatwick 08L/26R is too close to safely operate alongside the larger 08R/26L. It’s also used as a major taxiway all the time giving it a very high priority to make users aware not to use it to depart/arrive on.

I don’t think so. Because the new RW hasn’t finished the work yet, I think we should keep the RW16/34. It would be easier for the ATC to control this airport using 2 RWs instead of one RW.

There would be no reason whatsoever to close 16/34 anyways, it’s still used irl and will be acting as a “crosswind runway” when the northern runway opens

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OP requested closure