TFR on Expert server

So these orange TFR’s are active from tomorrow, I’m guessing they are for the FNF event? Or something else?

Click on it and find out ;)

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The FNF should be posted soon. The information regarding these TFR’s will be displayed there.

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all it says is

aircraft flying to KSFO or KLAX are required to have a flight plan before departure. Entry points to hub airports in effect. Flight plan must enter airspace through one of these waypoints. Please see our forum for more details

This was when i clicked on the TFR surrounding KBWI (Baltimore near washington), so i guess its a hub airport?

anyway hey ho i’ll find out more on probably the FNF event, thank you for help anyway sir!
oh yes and @AlphaSeven too!

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There are more TFRs saying that flying into SFO or LAX you must fly in via waypoints

So follow then (unless you wanna be ghosted)

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ah okay that would explain what the crossing point means when I clicked on the smaller circles near KLAX and KSFO.
Thank you very much

There is both altitude and speed restrictions for the smaller circles

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I am only seeing altitude restrictions?
wait nevermind

Some only have altitude restrictions and others have both altitude and speed restrictions

nevermind, i was looking at KLAX, but then when i went to KSFO, i tapped on the ORRCA TFR and it said

Crossing restrictions FL210 at 280 knots

So yeah

So it seems the staff are doing something big here with California for FNF

I’m guessing SFO and LAX will be a zoo tomorrow

yes indeed

Let’s wait until the FNF is posted along with instructions shall we?

It looks as though the goal is to give pilots a guide for approaching similar to using charts but from within the app. Lets wait and see.


okay sorry sir.

but why are there TFR’s around other airports?

oh right yeah i have to wait sorry

i am just so curious lol

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