TFR issues

What is TFR. Does it affect cruising altitude.

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Hello, a TFR is a temporary flight restriction. In Infinite Flight, they are represented by red rings. Generally, a TFR will not affect cruising altitude as many of them only apply up to lower altitudes, however, they are still something to be aware of.

To check the details of a TFR, you can click on the ring.


If you want to find one, there’s typically one over Aspen

TFR’s will also be issued for special events. There was a military aircraft flyout a few months ago, and I do believe TFR’s were issued over C. Europe for it.


An example of one IRL is Disney land. They have a TFR over the park in Orlando and LA

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@Shaun0312… MaxSez: You don’t have a TFR issue my friend, you have a failure to research prior to jotting. Suggest. visiting the Tutorials or GOOGLE. There are snakes on this plane, trust but verify.

I don’t know if I reading what you said right, but there’s nothing wrong with asking a question, he was just curious

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