TFR inquiry for FNF

Hi, if I placed this in the wrong category please change it or let me know to change it. Anyways I was wondering if there’s a plan to place a TFR on flights between LHR and LFPG on Friday? I was wondering as this route typically has a significant amount of traffic on it and I would need to adjust my takeoff time to make sure I can fit my full flight in before I go to bed.

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LHR has no plans to be controlled tomorrow as it isn’t on the airports list for us IFATC but if it’s deemed necessary to put a TFR around LFPG due to traffic I am sure it will be! 😉


Yes sorry. I think you get what I mean though?

Why there should be a TFR between LHR and CDG? TFRs are used to prevent large aircraft into small airports or to prevent in-city travel (Example: ORY-CDG) during events, there’s no reason to place a TFR between London and Paris.

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