As you know, NZQN is surround by mountains like KASE and Lukla, which both as an aircraft restriction.
What I’m proposing: A TFR around NZQN, allowing A321, B739 or smaller (or something similar)

This is stop those large 777/787s landing at a airport with strange approach and mountains around.

That would be logical, as the approach is hard enough. In a A320. Let alone a 777/787 coming in. Voted

Also vote for your own feature


Will remove a vote for this, it is needed.

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Required seems that’s true to life. Maybe not requiring a TDA style ring, but more of an airport ground restriction.

Some data from the field…

Currently airlines operate ATR’s, 73’s and 320’s operate from ZQN irl.

Personally I’m against putting a TFR on “everything”. A little common sense goes a long way. We do have that little report button after all ;)

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That’s what the TFR is for! Infinite flight is supposed to be a simulator based on real world experiences. And if this would be on expert this is mandatory because expert is supposed to be for pilots who act professional!

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We don’t need TFRs around every airport. That’s not what they’re for. There’s a big data block that’s mostly empty for airports. I would vote for any aircraft restrictions to be mentioned there.

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Nobody said we need TFR around all the airports. But the ones that are needed, they are needed!

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Yes so we can avoid the previous choas of NZQN earlier this week

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I have to admit that I also flew to Queenstown with a B773 or a MD11 before. The reason for that was that I really like challenging approaches.

It’s no problem to land or depart there with those heavies. The problem is when you want to taxi. The taxiways are way to tiny. It’s not realistic having heavies in NZQN.

I support the idea of a ground restriction.

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Yes this is desperately needed

Fully agreed, it was a mess having 787 at NZQN on Expert the other day


There was a 787-9 and 747-8 in NZWN with atc on expert that was triggering