TFR in Hong Kong

is there a specific reason as to why the TFR is 48 hrs long?

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Idk, Tyler prolly knows he’s the one who set it up

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ok I just find it weird as there isnt going to be an FNF in the region

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yeah true they’ve narrowed down to the 5 choices already and Hong Kong isn’t one of them

TFR to prevent VHHH to get opened up and instead focus all traffic towards kai tak coz of ATC schedule

No but it’s restricted all of Friday too

Don’t think it’ll be much of an issue. Just take it easy, enjoy Kai Tak tomorrow and then the FNF on Friday.

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The problem is that the TFR extends into Friday, which is odd, considering FNF won’t be anywhere near Hong Kong.

Maybe they don’t want planes landing at Chep Lap Kok before all Kai Tak traffic is cleared out
Sometimes planes arrive after 0600z

I don’t think that’s the case

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Amended to end on the 7th at 0600Z.