TFR in Doha


I have an issue - I want to depart Doha Int’l in an A350 but the TFR message shows up saying only military aircraft - am I OK to depart from there or will I get ghosted…


I have a similar question, because I heard there is a TFR at Delhi. I’m holding an event at VOBL tonight, and many people are flying to Delhi. I don’t want them to get ghosted.

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I would play it safe and not go until the TFR expires

Can I get a definite yes or no answer please…

The TFR is the definitive answer, is it not?

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If I was you I would abide by the TFR so no do not do it

So I can’t depart from Hamad Int’l in an A350…

Edit: Why is the TFR even covering the Int’l airport in the first place…

That is what I was thinking

No you may not

That’s so annoying…

Can I have this question answered as well…just curious?

The FNF is military themed. If you’d like to fly commercial instead, fly somewhere in a different region.

Because it’s in the vicinity of OTBH;

But it’s irritating for those (like me) who will want to do an overnight flight out of Hamad Int’l to Tokyo…

fly the reverse route

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I want to connect to tomorrow’s ATC…

Fortunately, there are a couple of thousand other airports you can fly from and to. Or select a different server :)


Howver I’ve just looked on LiveFlight and there’s an A321 on approach to Doha so I’m confused now…

more like tens of thousands of other airports

This can be debated over & over again. Answers have been given. What you decide to do is up to you :)