TFR disappearances

Currently flying from KSTS to KSAN, and noticed that the Colorado TFRs are gone, along with the KSAF test TFR. I also found a new one over UEEE in Russia for an FNF, but it’s Sunday…
Did I miss something?

Not sure in regards to the Colorado TFR’s but the UEEE TFR would of most likely been for the FNF that was held there recently.

I believe the TFR was restricting heavy aircraft as it was a FNF themed to the Dash 8.

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Yeah, I remember that…
But that doesn’t explain the Colorado ones.

The TFRs have been removed for a bit by the devs/staff. They will be readded at a later date.


Alright then. Guess we’ll leave it at that. Could someone close this please?