TFR circles in solo mode

Hey guys :) ,
I’m practicing flying a fun plane around the FNF airports :) but I had a interesting question pop up. I’m flying in solo mode right now and I see the TFR circles. Can a person get in trouble for flying these in solo? They’re orange right now. Thank you :)

Nope! No one can ghost you if you’re in solo mode. These TFRs only apply on the live servers.


Thank you so much :) just wanted to make sure. I know I should’ve just PMed someone but I really wanted to be careful just in case :)

Yeah only the expert server is where pilots will be ghosted for such actions. TS, Casual etc are fine. Have fun!

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Better to be safe than sorry. And these types of questions are always ok to ask in public. Who knows, maybe someone has the same question as you, and can view this topic and get their answer rather than having to ask the same question twice :)

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You can at least pickup some XP flying on casual or TS…optimally solo should only be for test flying but now with the replay feature you get the best of both worlds on an active server !

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