Good afternoon or Good Morning,

I’m currently flying on Expert Server. I know that there are a couple TFRs near Oshkosh to help with the approach, however whenever I close the map, wait a few minutes, and open the map again, there are two more TFRs showing up. As soon as I move the map, or I try to touch the TFR to open more details, the red rings disappear and only the approach TFRs stay back as they should.

It’s not a problem, as said; it’s only a little bug that doesn’t have any negative effect on the flight. Still, it seems to be a bug so I thought better report it.

Have a good day or night, if you’re in Oshkosh: Enjoy! And if not, have a good Sunday anyway 😊

Oh, and of course (iPad Pro 10.5):


This was happening to me the other day where they will show up and then disappears again.

It’s just a bug, there are still the original 4 just 2 of them enlarged themselves it happens to me all the time.

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