Hi everyone!

I’ve noticed this for a long time now but have always wanted to know why there is a TFR active until 2066 at both KASE and KEGE enforcing that nothing bigger than a 757 is to be in that airspace.

Does anyone know why that is there?




You answered your own question.


Yes although I’m wondering why is there a TFR simply for these airports only - there are hundreds of other airports that cannot allow aircraft bigger than the 757 etc.

I’m thinking maybe just a tester as it was added way back in 2016

KASE and KEGE are very popular airports that receive somewhat heavy traffic for their size. People would regularly bring oversize aircraft and ruin the experience for others.

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Oh ok thanks


Like @Yacht said, back then before global when it were region days, everytime Colorado area was featured in Expert Server (The most crowded airports in Colorado were KDEN, KASE, and KEGE), both KASE and KEGE often received unrealistic amount of traffic as people spawned in 777s and even A380s. So the developers tried to put TFR (Which is enforced especially when ATC is active) to limit those who spawn in heavies.

Nowadays after Global, both airport are rarely used. People only use both airports for regional flights as there are many airports to choose now.

Both airports used to be one of the busiest airports in Expert Server if they had ATC controllers there.

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Yes, i also didn’t knew why there is a TFR

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Thanks for the detailed explanation - makes much more sense now :)

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