TFR at Gatwick?

Just noticed this TFR at Gatwick. I wonder what it’s doing here after all this time… 👀 Just wondering since I live very close to here.


It tells you in the information section. Runway closed.

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The dates give it away. I guess Gatwick could be the featured airport next week and NOTAM is in place to that effect.


IFAA lol. Infinite FAA


Would love to have that TFR permanently!


I’d figure they wouldn’t feature EGKK for FNF if EGLL was just featured last week, and EGKK was just featured as FNF recently, anyway.

I thought this too, but… Why now, and they don’t follow this due to traffic in IF is different to traffic IRL. Gatwick is the world’s busiest 1 runway airport.

I thought this too, then just thought… it’s Monday on the 11th and a Sunday on the 17th… I hope it is what I think it is and I hope it I get to control Bravo airports by then 👀

Tell me about it… 😂🙄



I don’t really get it, sorry…

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He’s essentially agreeing with you. :)


@JulianB ^ what @TaipeiGuru said :) ^

I live near Gatwick, and going to spot here (and Heathrow) this Saturday. When I play IF, literally realism is my number 1 priority, like an OCD. I’ve travelled in and out of Gatwick so many times in IF and IRL that this TFR would be perfect to keep. 😂

And plus if I can control this, depending on the work load I’d do this as much as possible, since I know all the taxiways and gates for this airport especially.

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Nice catch!

I’ll be out of office for a week as I relocate so this is my proactive attempt to ensure you all have an enjoyable week next week. Some already guessed it!

Enjoy and you better believe the NOTAM will become permanent after. Realism police rejoice! 🚔


Stupid me… Not my mother tongue, but I should have understood that!

Glad I am not the only one happy about such IRL measures being implemented!

Thanks @TaipeiGuru for the fast clarification!


Good luck! 😀, I don’t think I will sadly, but would love to be able to control Gatwick, oh well, opportunities are always around the corner, and would provide some great flying round the corner!

Woohoo! 😂

No problem, we all forget things and sayings sometimes! 😀 And I’m over the moon that IF considered this as a necessity for a NOTAM 😍.


😱 @Moritz 👀👀👀


as the great @Tyler_Shelton once said…

The Realism Police are here!


Legit question: wouldn’t there technically be a risk of getting ghosted for idling on runway if I need to give way while IFATC is offline? Also wouldn’t there be a lot of diversions to EGLL just due to the number of aircrafts?

You could always just stay on the taxiways and pretend that the runway is active. If you don’t idle on the runway, you won’t get a punishment.

As for your other question, airports in IF regularly handle more traffic than they do in real life, so it wouldn’t be a new occurrence. The way I see it, if Gatwick and one other airport were open, the traffic levels shouldn’t be too much of a problem. And, even if traffic does prove to be too much, there’s nothing wrong with diverting. ;)


Agreed. Why I got a notification for the reply 6 hours later I’ll never know. 😂

I live near Gatwick too and it really annoys me seeing someone land on 26R/08L 🤣🤣


Nothing worse