TFFR Traffic (Problem Solution)

I just want to give a suggestion to the TFFR Approach and Ground ATC which is to prioritize the coming aircrafts than the departing aircraft. When you already have a busy traffic, please dont give any other aircraft the allowance to pushback. But if you prefer to see aircraft taking off, you can switch the airport closed to all approaching aircraft to focus all attention to leave the airport (TFFR). For more simple, use runway 30 instead.

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Close an airport for inbounds with that much traffic? Good luck ;)


The issue at TFFR is the long back taxi which some pilots take at 15kts.

I can tell you that they held all inbounds to allow some departures to get out.

Why would you just let aircraft land? then you have no room on the ground for the aircraft to exit the runway. Also there is no" Airport is closed for departures" option for ground or any frequency.

As for using runway 30 there is a 14kt tail wind. I can tell you if you sent that to people they would ask for the other end many, many times. time which you don’t have when its busy.

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The traffic there is ridiculous… we wait 20+ mins just to get to the hold short line then we wait another 10 mins for a safe window between incoming traffic…😢… most ended up taxiing on the grass parallel to RWY 12, just so we could be closer to the threshold of the runway

Why would you do that. I would ghost you if you did that.


I said most.

If you don’t like a lot of traffic: don’t fly in rush hours. That goes for all of you.


Or in Socal


I was one of few lucky pilots who were considered to be allowed to land when others were declined to approach to airport. But at the end, i didnt land my aircraft until the approach and tower atcs gone. As i said, you have to choose whether the airport for departures only or arrivals only. But you wont have to do that if you use runway 30 instead without considering the red sign on that runway. Im so sure that we will be able to take control of that situation either to land and take off.

Rush hours are the main reason to play this, it challenges either pilots and atcs skill. Therefore, i share this suggestion for the better management for approach and ground atcs on such a rush hour like in TFFR right now.

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yes but this level of traffic is way to high and unrealistic. when will you ever have 15 aircraft on the ground waiting for takeoff and at least 25 inbound within the next 30 mins, Not even LHR gets 25 inbounds due in within 30 mins in real life


fly expert!!! be aware for your surrounding and if you see traffic is heavy, help controllers by being patient and waiting for instructions. or land at TFFC if TFFR in too busy and you must land

TFFR is definitly one of the hardest airports to control in IF. It works best when there is an App controller and there is like 13nm of spacing between aircraft so for every aircraft landing, there can be one departing


Nothing makes me yell at my device more than a 10 kt backtaxi or the stop-in-the-middle-of-the-runway-contact-ground-request-taxi-to-parking guy.


I flew couple of times from TAPA to TFFR…Both were over an hour long flight…really enjoyed the heavy traffic…On first flight i got hold patterns at 12000 and 9000…mainly for squeezing departures i believe…on the second flight i got a “S” type approach which is similar to a holding…It is really a pleasure to fly when u have great approach controllers…all have different style of operation and is enjoyable the way they do their job spacing out and give u a smooth approach to destination…Thanks for the great services by Tom and Jimmy at TFFR…Hoping to fly more into your airspace👍


I hope my suggestion can make both TFFR approach and ground atcs manage it easier, thankyou for the brilliant work @flyinghigh and ifatcnayeem

This is when holding patterns are usefull

Actually we can keep this thread going for discussing some great ideas…this topic though doesn’t seem legit but a solution might come;-

If I was told the airport was full and realized that it was being closed just to get departures out, I’d fly under your airspace and come up on your frequency while I’m on final. Use the 360s, speed, and pattern instructions and then tell people to fly around the pattern if you really have to get departures out. Don’t just close down the whole airport though. The pilots will work with you if you work with them. If someone requests touch and goes and you tell them they’re cleared to land instead and tell them you’re not accepting pattern work, they’re not going to work with you since you didn’t work with them.

Make it work until you absolutely can’t. Don’t just close it down to make it easier on yourself. They spawned there, they can spawn elsewhere if they really want to get off the ground. They know what they’re getting themselves into.

We can’t do that, thats what makes TFFR traffic our discussion now. The approach and ground atcs have to be assertive to decide when they manage TFFR traffic (departures only / arrivals only / use runway 30 instead)