TFFR immediate takeoff

•The controller shouldn’t be issuing an immediate take off for a 777 at TFFR.

• Immediate takeoff would normally mean take off immediately. Don’t back taxi, pause before rollout, etc.

• Cleared for taxi would allow you do do any of the above. However, you generally only want to back taxi when you’re cleared to do so.


So if you are in a 777 and are instructed for an Immediate take off, is this when “unable” should be used so you let ATC know that you need the full length of runway?

Yes. This would be one of the rare situations, where an “Unable” is a good idea.

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There isn’t any unable option available to the pilots at that juncture. Only option people use is standby.


Ups - that’s a pity. At this point I would like to hear an ‘unable’ - sometimes 😐 Not only in case of back taxi or not, but also in case is ‘expidated’ take-off…

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The issue will be solved when pilots will have the back taxi request option.

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What of maintain the best possible speed?

I am guessing there was heavy inbound trafic

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