TFFR immediate takeoff

I was flying today in a 777-300ER at heavy weight on expert server at TFFR. I was cleared for immediate takeoff. I needed to back taxi as other wise i wouldn’t have been able to take off. When I started a back taxi I was told please follow instructions and then again cleared for immediate takeoff. What do I do hear as I struggled to take off in time even from the end of the runway. Was this correct or should I just takeoff from taxi line and hope for the best?


Atc category?

Sorry completely forgot about category

It’s ok, happens to all of us lol.

In this situation, the controller should be aware that you are a heavy and you need to backtaxi. If he does clear you for immediate takeoff, I would just follow the instruction and immediately takeoff from where you are. When I control at this airport, I usually allow the dash 8 or any other prop to takeoff from where they are. They don’t need a lot only runway length to takeoff unlike you

What server was this on?

Here you are @CptNathanHope

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Did you get the name of the controller?

I don’t think a 77W can get airbone with only half runway at TFFR.

On Expert Server…

But as an IFATC would i Always follow instructions…
The issue at infinite flight, User dont Know, Or just use “Heavy” Or “super” at The callsign wrong.

We ATC’s dont Know Your weight… Or Can Be Minimum, Or Maximum… Thats a critical case, but i would Always follow all instructions…

That’s the first thing I would say too. Follow instructions to the letter. If you end up overshooting the runway, crashing, etc then you take a photo of the controller and contact him to ask what his intentions were

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What was your callsign?

I only Can say, I (and The Most IFATC’s) use “cleared for takeoff” if you Can backtaxi, and use “clrd for immediatly TO” <~ immediatly = dont backtaxi

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Sorry, didn’t see that. :)

Ok thanks for all the respones next time I will follow the instructions and if I crash I crash. I also didn’t have heavy in callsign so that may have been a mistake.

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No, cleared for takeoff shouldn’t be used to imply the aircraft can backtaxi as well, we have a backtaxi command for that.

Thanks but at TFFR how can a 777 take off with half a runway


Sounds like the controller forgot to issue a backtaxi command. Contact them directly for more information.

I didn’t catch the name. I was on there at around 9:00 Zulu if anyone knows who it was. @Joe do you know who this was and what is the correct procedure when in this situation?

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Contact the controller and talk about it. No need to publicly shame.

People here are saying you should take off immediately, however on the EXPERT server I would expect the IFATC to know that if I was in a Heavy ( irrespective of CALLSIGN though would hope that pilots on expert know when to use a correct suffix ) then IFATC would know that I would need to have a back taxi before take off.

If I was ghosted then I would take this up with an ATC mod as I am trying to fly realistic.

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