TFFR Appr Crash @ 1800Z

To all those on approach to TFFR just now, my apologies, my app crashed and the server would not let me return. Sorry.

I wouldn’t have made a topic, however, I actually want to make a note of how patient everyone was with an immense amount of inbounds to an airport which has a massive back taxi and thus requires extra separation on final.

Obviously, it’s not ideal to have such a long approach line, and to have to pay heed to speed until right around the cone, but it’s unavoidable with 20 inbounds in the airspace. By my count, I received zero erroneous Check-In calls, when I was expecting, well, and lot, especially over-flying the airport.

Well done, all those who patiently waited in line. I am sorry I was unable to complete the process, because I was enjoying it. I know no one likes to wait that long, but it was truly an Expert Server experience. An orderly line with consistent separation. Well done.

Thanks, and my apologies for losing connection.

(Thanks, @Ollie, for fixing category.)


Yep! That is what caused my expert server behavior topic:) You were doing great!

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