TFFR Advanced ATC

Took off from TNCM for a flight to TFFR in a CCX. @Benedict_Thompson sent me on my way out of St. Marteen. Climbed out, proceeded south and climbed to planned cruise altitude of FL240.

Passed over TKPK and shortly after contacted Raizet approach stationed by @anon66442947. Sequenced in the approach and lined up for ILS rwy 12 approach. Handed over to TFFR tower stationed by @Erick_Caro. As asked, tried to maintain slowest speed and allow for departures. Had a slow poke line up on the runway and was instructed to go around. Handed back over to approach and @anon66442947 got me right back in the sequence for another approach. This time everything lined up and made it in the ground.

Thank you for a more interesting flight today! Not the average boring takeoff and land without any issue. These small single runway airstrips in the islands aren’t easy to control with the unrealistically high volume of traffic. You guys handled everything absolutely perfectly. Having guys like you on the ATC team make IF very enjoyable!


Saw you land. I was stuck in the departure line for quite a bit, but now I’m cruising towards TNCM.


Thanks for the compliment. Glad when things go as planned .


Same thing happened to me earlier today, except twice.

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That just happened to me while I was approaching into TNCM as well. A person in a dash stopped on the runway while I was on short final and I had to go around.

Happened to me at TFFR. @anon66442947 saw it happening while he was approaching. After the second go around, I had run out of time, and had to go.

It’s inevitable on those small airstrips that require back taxi. Way too much traffic than they are meant to handle. Makes it interesting though. :)


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