TFFJ? please fix the landscape issue!

If you have not flown near TFFJ (Gustaff 111 St Barths), there is a major issue with a mountain that is blocking the short final. The ILS suggests that you should go straight through the mountain. If you have those approach bars, it says just to go straight through the mountain itself. Developers, please fix this issue soon!


That’s a real mountain… :)


You will have to bring the mountain issue up with Mother Earth. It’s there in real life too, so we can’t really remove it :)

The approach to RWY10 is not ILS, it’s GPS. And GPS approaches (in Infinite Flight at least…) does not take terrain into account. It’s just a standard glideslope :)


He’s not joking! stbarth_4


@schyllberg bring in the bulldozers ;)


The mountain is there in real life, but in IF it is completely wrong. IF has it as a large cliff, and real life is a slope.

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That’s correct. If we had better resolution on the topography it would be a slightly different story, and sloped runways.

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The worst thing about landing at that airport is that we see runway through the mountain. Once I landed on the mountain.


Night landings aree tough,have you tried Paro at night before?🤣🤣

The hill is a little to incline ed though. That needs to be fixed.

I can’t answer that anymore than i already did below :)


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