TFFJ and VHXX Runway Issue

Hi Everyone.

Something that has been really deceiving on approach to runway 10 at St. Barths and runway 13 at Kai Tak is that you can see the runway through the terrain, making the obstructing terrain invisible. It is especially challenging at TFFJ where you can’t see the drop before the runway making you have to guess when to drop. I was wondering if doing something like clearing the cache would work or is it just a permanent feature?

Thanks Guys

This is a permanent issue, it cannot be fixed by the user :) I’ve seen many people get tricked at St. Barts, crashing into the hill 😂

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Yep. I did some testing earlier and it really messed me up.

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It’s the way IF deals with terrain and the runway nearby.
So this is not specifically to these two airports I’m afraid.


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