TFFF at 0000Z


I was wondering if anyone in IFATC (Expert Server) would like to control TFFF at 0000Z (7:00 PM EST). A friend (A350) and me (A320) will be arriving around 0015Z (7:15 PM EST) Anyone want to vector us in?


Hi, Cameron! If you’re flying with your friend on the Training Server, feel free to request ATC services in the thread linked below; however, if you’re on the Expert Server, IFATC controllers are free to open wherever they’d like. That being said, there’s always the possibility that someone will open TFFF for you.

If you’d like to open specific airports on the Expert Server, I encourage you to check out IFATC and consider applying. It’s a great group and you’ll learn a ton! See the Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting thread.

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