Tffb in Guadeloupe in the wrong place

Hi, just flown into tffb Guadeloupe, and it is cut into the hillside, it is too far west and the actual position is visible on the photo terrain. Would make it a lot easier to take off and land if it was corrected,and more realistic too.

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Any screenshot…?
That seems pretty strange…
So you say you see the airport in the sat image but it’s not where the apt file is?


Hi, if you notice anything like that you can report it here: Airport Inaccuracies - What should I do?

Make sure you check out before though because inaccuracies should only be reported for airports that are already reworked by the editing team. If it’s not yet done you’ll have to wait until an editor decides to do it. Alternatively, you can join the team and halo us getting more and more airports done. In that case make sure to check out this topic: Getting started with Infinite Flight Airport Editing


@Nickm45 Is airfield supposed to be little bit down and to right in that screenshot? I can see something that’s a strip there, but hard to tell. However, the runway seem to be in strange place since the hill is just digged out for just that runway. I would guess that the runway is old one from x-plane so it has wrong coordinate.


In fact, in has not been reworked.

Checked on github, no issue for TFFB

Pretty sure this can be closed now

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