Texture level changing issue

When changing from a low to high graphics setting I experienced an issue where when I switched to the higher graphic setting everything went black, none of the aircraft or scenery textures loaded in. However the aircraft boxes did which is very strange. I’ve attached a video below


Supplemental information:
Device: iPad 8
iPadOS: 15.5
Infinite flight version: 22.4

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Bump so we can get to the solution of this for everyone

Are you running low on storage? maybe there was a mishap with downloading the higher res textures

Hey there! Nope, I still have 71gb of storage left on my device

If you start a new flight and try changing the settings, does this issue happen again?

I wasn’t able to repro it consistently when starting another flight however I did see it happen once again.

That’s a weird one. I’ll keep trying to see if I can reproduce it, so far I haven’t been able to.

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