Texture issue

hello, I am having texture issues with the new update. Other people might notice this, but there is glitches in any view of your flight. for some reason any photo I take does not capture the glitch. let me know if you are experiencing this.


Just wanting to double check, is this the same issue you are experiencing?

If it is, it is already a known issue. If your issue is something different, please provide some more information, such as a screenshot of the texture issue that you have occurring.

Take care!

it’s kind of similar, but for me it’s on the runway. If I go into cockpit view in jfk it keeps on showing runway lights in the cockpit

Every time I take a picture it doesent show the glitch

This is also a known issue. Check below:

Let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.

Take care mate!

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Absolutely exact thing. Thank you so much!

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