Texture Issue, Black Line On Spitfire

It’s nothing major but I would like it fixed

What’s the issue?

I think the Devs are too busy with global flight to fix it yet

If you’re referring to the two black lines going from the fuselage to the end of the elevators, I’m pretty sure those were roles and lines used to hold the aircrafts together back in the days of the Spitfire. They should be on the P-38 as well, and are normal for aircraft in that era, although I may be wrong

this is the issue

Oh, I believe that’s normal. I think there are cables that run there IRL.

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You want something on the aircraft in real life removed?

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Pretty sure the wire is on the real-life model. Though I can’t see it in the IRL pictures.

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it’s @anon91505560 's fault. he thought it wasn’t real. I put the image there so I could back him up

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Not an issue.