Texture Flickering

While flying in either the A320 series or 787 series there are flickering details on the aircraft model. As non-trivial as it seems I would feel as if this would be an easy fix for something as small as this but I would love to see it happen. No matter what settings I use they are always apparent. On the A320 series it is the cockpit door from the outside views and on the 787 there are small holes in front of the wings but behind the cockpit where this flickering is apparent. Thank you and I hope to see a hotfix where this could be addressed.

Hi, what you are seeing is the side affects of what the developers call LOD (Level of Detail). Sometimes this is more apparent but in order for the app to run smoothly they have to scale back some details. You’ll likely notice that this goes away the closer the aircraft gets to you ;)

The 787 cockpit where you see other aircraft through it is a known issue and believe it is fixed for the next update.

I have the same issue with the A350, but its the other way around, the closer I get the more flickering I have. Where as the further away I get it gets normal.