Text wont change when using "#"

Hello All,

I recently figured that the text wont change when using “#”

I tried more than one device and browser and the same results occur
How to Repro:-

  1. Start a new topic, or post into an existing one.
  2. Add “#” at the beginning of the line, then type a word, sentence, in the past, it will make the text bigger and bolder, but now, nothing happens


HP laptop 15-ay100ne, Chrome.
Samsung S7+ 7.0 Chrome and Internet
iPad 4 A1458 Chrome and Safari


Only if it is a topic on the forum,

I believe you need to leave a space between the text and the #.

Hello, it’s me.

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let’s see if this works

What @Neeson52 said is correct

Thats right, but before it wasnt needed

love turtles.

Like this @R_Jordanian

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This change makes perfect sense. I didn’t like it the way it was before.


Answered, solved and all that jazz.