Text to Speech suggestion/question

I really like that there can be some text to speech to add some depth when communicating with ATC. However, the fact that you have to download the difference voices yourself, (whitch is really cool though), feeling like for sake of immersion, there should be more standardized voices, so that when you communicate with ATC or other pilots they can actually hear the voice you selected.

Because when I was playing as a etc controller, 8 out of 10 times all I heard was the voice I picked, and only sometimes was it someone else’s voice. Because what are the chances that the person that you’re playing with has the same operating system, and the same voices downloaded?

I was just that we could have a standardized voices where they are just the basic Apple and Google voices, but maybe have them on a server for players to pick from and maybe upload one if they want, but that would allow all players to access all voices.

Side note, I actually play this on both my Android phone and my iPad, and I have to say Google voice does a lot better job than Apple does, and I wish I had the option to pick those voices.

Anyway thanks for reading my rant, thanks for the consideration and have a good day.

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Infinite Flight don’t have any control over what voices you have downloaded. That’s out of their control. I can understand what you mean with the variety of voices people choose but I personally like the fact that I know that pilot or controller chose that voice, rather then it being random for variety. Makes it more interesting.

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I do as well, and that’s what I was saying. I do understand that it may not actually have control, I only brought this up because sometimes all I hear is just my voice because I don’t have every single voice download.

The ideal world would be that everyone can hear the voice that the other pilot picked, that’s more of what I was going for. I guess for now I could just download a bunch of the different voices and maybe that will change it.

  1. I don’t think many of the other pilots and controllers know about the other voices
  2. A large number of people may just be unoriginal and all pick the same couple voices (likely IMO)

Ah true that heh, hopefully all the announcements gets some more variety in the voices!

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